Wario's Woods - Round Game - Levels 20 - 39 [NORMAL] Part 2/2 [HD 720p]


Wario's Woods - Round Game - Levels 20 - 39 [NORMAL] Part 2/2 [HD 720p]

Wario's Woods (ワリオの森 Wario no Mori) is a puzzle game released by Nintendo for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo Entertainment System in 1994, and then later available as a broadcast on the Satellaview from April 1995 to June 2000. The NES version was later re-released for Wii's Virtual Console in 2006, and in Animal Crossing in 2002. Wario's Woods is a Tetris-derived falling block game, although in this case the blocks are actually forest-dwelling creatures and bombs. Because of the increasing popularity of the Super NES, Wario's Woods was the last licensed game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System.[1] Nintendo Power would finally cease coverage of NES games starting in the March 1994 issue. This is the only game in which Toad has the starring role, although he has been available as a playable character in various games since Super Mario Bros. 2. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- En español: Wario's Woods (ワリオの森 Wario no Mori) es un videojuego de lógica desarrollado y distribuido por Nintendo para Nintendo Entertainment System y Super Nintendo en 1994, y más tarde realizado para Satellaview (BS-X) en 1997. La versión de NES apareció nuevamente en el juego Animal Crossing de GameCube en 2002 y en la Consola Virtual de Wii en 2006. Wario's Woods es un juego derivado del tetris en relación a la caída de bloques, aunque en este caso lo que caen en vez de bloques ...
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